Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A note to all Dutch readers... has come to my attention that some of you interpret the charity mentioned on the website as something from which I would benefit (ie in paying for costs associated to the trip or so). If you didn't - fine. If you did you are a bit of an idiot, and displaying a less attractive side of our national character (no, not this one) to the non-Dutch readers of this blog. World Bicycle Relief is a bona fide charity that aims to empower people in the 3rd world by giving them bicycles and training to repair and maintain the bicycles. This helps people to commute, go to school, bring merchandise to the market etc...If you want to know more move away from my sponsor page to the other webpages of WBR to learn more. The amount I aim to raise would pay for ten bikes - which seems a nice and feasible goal.

By the way - for all those who asked - expected start date and time is Sunday, August 8 at 8.30 am. Ideally as a group ride from the Estadio Nacional at Jamor...

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