Tuesday, August 3, 2010

an empty place...

Abdul, Paulo and Nuno at the start of the day - the van is empty
As I write this I'm sitting in my local bar, Raio Laser, where I went to buy bread most evenings of the week for the past 2 years. At the moment I'm benefiting from their wifi, and more basic stuff like toilet facilities - my apartment is completely empty and water, electricity and gas have been shut off by the respective companies (which is a bit more drastic than what would happen for example in Holland - the meters have been removed and the connections are physically broken so without a qualified engineer nothing will work). All that remains is handing over the keys to Diogo and Raquel, the owners, and some left-over moving boxes to Trish and James, who have good use for these. This morning Abdul, Nuno and Paulo arrived half an hour early and then went through the place like a whirlwind. By 3 pm everything was packed and loaded into the van, and that included an extensive lunchbreak.
The van is full...
More good news arrived yesterday when another complete bike was donated. I'll use the words of the donor whose identity I will not reveal: 
" I was with my sister, and we were talking about your trip [...] and then, in the middle of the conversation it just hit me, jesus fuck, a bike might become the difference between having food or starving and work, education and all that cool stuff that we take for granted! so we decided to offer something since that day....then we sort of spread the word and basically told our boyfriends that they would be in it too so the more we thought about it, the more we wanted to offer a bike, yeah, so this is the story behind it :) " Many thanks!!

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