Monday, August 23, 2010


Hello!! As you may have noticed, I have published a lot of posts today. Basically, it's all the detailed cycling data from my GPS, for those of you interested in the exact route, the climbs, my speed etc...Photo's still need to be uploaded but will follow shortly.

This morning I left the Hotel Le Paris in Auch in a hurry - there was really nothing to hang around for, the staff was friendly but the place was a dump. Then I set off on a route to outsmart my gps by 20 km but it had noticed what was invisible on the map - autoroute. After a friendly reminder from the gendarmerie (I was already on my way out) I listened to the gps which gave me a small bonus - I ended up doing 101 km where I could have gotten away with 95 if I had listened immediately...
Again a route through hilly countryside. At one point I saw a doe (as in..."a deer, a female deer") about to cross the road - she ju,ped back into a field of sunflowers when she spotted me - can't blame her. Not much sun today but still warm, stuffy weather threatening rain. Just before finishing I encountered an interesting wall to cycle up and then I was in Ramonville-St Ange; where Jean Christophe was just arriving in his van carrying groceries. JC, his Ana and I had lunch after I showered, the rest of the afternoon was spent talking, routeplanning and doing laundry. I will spend two days in Toulouse and resume cycling on thursday, using pointers from a good friend of JC's who has cycled the entire country and more as a reference.

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