Thursday, August 19, 2010


The wine tasting was nice...very nice. But today it was back to business and after saying goodbye to Ana and calling my dad to wish him a happy birthday I set off for about 95 km between Logroño and Burgos. This time with an overall increase in height, and again along the Camino de Santiago. As I started a bit late it was quite warm, but I made good headway to Los Arcos, after about 30 km, where I stopped for coffee and a bottle refill. Then followed the first long uphill section, but very moderate. I stopped at the famous Fuente de Vino in Irache where I availed myself of the free water (the wine is for Pilgrims, which I am not, and I still had a big hill coming up). Took some pictures in Estella and went on to Puente la Reina where I had lunch and practiced my French (merde, ça va mal) with some pilgrims. Then followed a steep climb to the pass over the Sierra del Perdon (the no-mercy pass). Sections of 9% had me struggling, but I made it without feeling to shabby. Hope things go like that tomorrow as well, because coming over the ridge I saw Pamplona in the valley and the Pyrenees in the background. Tomorrow I´ll try to cross them via Roncesvalles...some hero died there a long time ago in history so it´s a fitting place to go...

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