Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Ola a todos! Today Ana and I are in Logroño, capital of the Rioja, where we travelled to yesterday. Ana was kind enough to take my bags and Scotty flew like...well...before. Maybe the fact that despite some climbing the overall profile was downhill helped too, as well as the fact that I overtook a Spanish cyclist in the last 25 km who then stuck to my wheel and started pulling too - I was in Logroño after 115 km of riding at 30 kph average. Nice!
Logroño is less interesting then Burgos. On the way in I saw lots of pilgrims on the camino de Santiago, which I am now riding backwards. I have to log off now as we have to go to a wine tasting...and I need to plan new routes - a 30 km climb that would rank 1st or hors categorie in the Tour de France is not a good idea with luggage that weighs more than your bike itself - so I´m going to reroute myself over the slightly less high Ibañeta pass at Roncesvalles.

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